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Mindset Health develops accessible clinically backed digital programs to help better manage chronic conditions
Mindset Health has helped 150k+ patients and has been referred by 5k+ healthcare practitioners
Mindset Health has raised $18m USD, supported by a world-class team of 40 staff and a Scientific Advisory Board

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About Mindset Health

We're on a mission to unlock the full potential of the mind to improve our health and lives.

The control center of the body, your mind, influences everything from temperature regulation to pain perception and emotional control. Yet, it's often overlooked by the healthcare system – we're going to change that.

At Mindset Health, we're building hypnosis-based digital therapeutics (therapy apps) to help a billion people improve their health with their minds. Many misconceptions surround hypnosis, but there's extensive and robust evidence showing it's a powerful but underused therapeutic tool. Our programs have all been developed by doctors and focused on health outcomes.

The founders

Brothers, Alex and Chris Naoumidis, co-founded Mindset Health in 2018, after discovering breakthrough hypnosis research during their own search for accessible mental health support.

Alex and Chris saw that therapeutic hypnosis had enormous potential to help people – but practitioners were often unregulated, expensive, or hard to access. They realized there was an opportunity to make science-driven hypnotherapy accessible and affordable.

Today, Mindset Health has grown beyond mental health support to include other health conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, menopausal hot flashes, smoking cessation, and chronic pain.

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Gut-directed hypnotherapy program to better manage IBS symptoms by addressing the gut-brain miscommunication.

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Non-hormonal care for menopausal hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

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An evidence-based program that helps people quit smoking and self-manage withdrawal symptoms.

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Digital program based on clinical research to help manage feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression.

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Mindset Health

Effective digital therapeutics for health concerns, delivered via mobile apps

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