Nutritionist Dr. Brad Leech appeared on Body+Soul’s Healthy-ish podcast to answer the question all IBS practitioners are asking: “So, what the hell IS gut-directed hypnotherapy?”

Dr. Leech drew on his experience as a clinical nutritionist to share with Healthy-ish which patients are most likely to respond to gut-directed hypnotherapy, the evolving evidence for its efficacy, and how it compares to the low FODMAP diet.

“Patients are seeing great results from utilizing gut-directed hypnotherapy as a way to address their gastrointestinal symptoms from a mind approach, rather than just a dietary approach,” Dr. Leech explained. 

“And a number of different studies have shown gut-directed hypnotherapy is as effective as a low FODMAP diet for IBS…From a practitioner’s perspective, this is fantastic! Because putting patients on a low FODMAP diet, not only is it not so great for microbiome within the gut but it’s very restrictive, and a lot of patients struggle to follow the diet.”

Hear more of Dr. Leech's discussion with Healthy-ish host Alison Izzo.

Learn more about how to refer gut-directed hypnotherapy.

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