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Mind-body conditions are neglected and costly

Affecting one third of Americans, conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, smoking addiction, menopausal hot flashes, anxiety and depression, and chronic pain are difficult and expensive to manage because there’s a significant, unaddressed mental component to all such mind-body conditions.
Mind-body conditions present with both psychological and physical symptoms and have a combined cost of over $106b annually.1

Impact of mind-body conditions

Direct and indirect costs of irritable bowel syndrome is $12,083 USD annually per person.2
26% of the total workforce will experience menopause each year.3
27 days of work missed a year due to chronic low-back pain.4

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Highlighted condition

Irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is the most common gastrointestinal disorder, affecting 46 million people in the US.5 IBS is a disorder of the gut-brain interaction (DGBI). Despite its prevalence, patients and providers
alike struggle to achieve sustainable symptom improvement that addresses the gut-brain interaction.
46 million
Irritable bowel syndrome affects 46 million people in the United States (about 14% of the US population5).
Irritable bowel syndrome affects 46 million people in the The indirect cost of irritable bowel syndrome is $7,044 USD per person, annually.2 States (about 14% of the US population5).
Presenteeism: $5,402
Absenteeism: $1,642
The direct cost of irritable bowel syndrome is $5,049 USD per person, annually.6
Out-patient: $4,001
In-patient: $719
Out-of-pocket: $329
75% of IBS sufferers also have comorbidity of anxiety and depression.7

Nerva for IBS

Nerva is a gut-directed hypnotherapy program accessible via a mobile app.
64% of users see a clinically significant improvements in GI symptoms.8
Daily hypnotherapy for six weeks.
Developed by Dr. Simone Peters from Monash University.
3.3x ROI in year one.
4.6 stars from 19,000+ reviews.
Nerva has a 40% completion rate.9
64% of Nerva members see clinically meaningful improvements.8
Internal ROI modelling and real-world cost reduction data shows 3.3x ROI in year one.10
Over 5,000 healthcare practitioners refer Nerva to their IBS patients.
Dietary therapy can be a super important inclusion in your treatment plan for IBS, but you’re still missing out on an important part, and that’s working on the mind. That’s why I recommend Nerva – it’s a system patients can follow and get results from. 

Michael Smith, Naturopath, Planet Naturopath
Over 150,000 members have tried Nerva to manage their IBS symptoms.
After years, this is what I needed! For years I have know my IBS was brain-gut connection issues, but I didn’t know how to break the cycle. I was an athlete and my pre-race jitters would casue IBS-D. Now that I am an adult the jitters have somehow manifested into travel and feeling trapped without a bathroom in either a car or on an airplane, sometimes other situations too. It has been very troublesome and life-altering. This app is helping me so much. I can feel the brain-gut connection improving and my anxiety in my car is definitely improving! Thank you!
Nerva user, United States via app store review
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for smoking cessation
72% of Finito users report stopping or reducing their smoking after completing the program.
Daily hypnotherapy for three weeks.
Developed by Dr. Gary Elkins of Baylor University.
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for menopausal hot flashes
Clinical trials have shown that hypnotherapy can help manage hot flashes by 70-80%.11
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Mental health
60% of psychologists in the US reported having no openings for new patients.12
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