These are the gut health conferences and events coming up around the world that belong in your calendar, with many offering virtual attendance options so no one misses out.

These events are the best way to ensure you’re up to date on the latest breakthroughs and research, and are great opportunities to connect with other practitioners working in the gut health space (including us!).

Here’s what’s coming up in 2024.


International Congress on Nutrition and Health

27-28 March

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Virtual attendance? No

If you’re a European-based practitioner, make your way to Amsterdam for the International Congress on Nutrition and Health. The 2024 theme is ‘Promoting Healthy Lifestyles for Better Public Health Outcomes’, and all clinical nutritionists, dietitians, researchers, and nutrition students are invited to attend. The congress is aiming to play a pivotal role in disseminating global research findings, contributing to our understanding of how to help people maintain fitness and good health throughout their lives.

Register here


International Conference in Advances in Gastroenterology and Hepatology

19-20 April

Dubai, UAE

Virtual attendance: Yes

Gastroenterology 2024 will feature learning opportunities in innovative treatments and techniques, precision medicine and personalized therapies for digestive diseases, the gut microbiome’s impact on digestive health and disease, advances in endoscopic techniques, and new treatments for inflammatory bowel disease.

Register here

World Obesity and Nutrition Congress (WONC)

25-27 April


Virtual attendance: Yes

WONC 2024 is for everyone working in the nutrition space. The conference will include in-depth scientific presentations by leading global experts covering all aspects of obesity and nutrition, keynote sessions of leading experts, plenary talks, poster presentations, and workshops. Even if Singapore is far from home, virtual attendance options make it easy for everyone to participate.

Register here


SGNA (Society of Gastroenterology Nurses & Associates

9-11 May

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Virtual attendance? No

If you’re a gastroenterology nurse, register for SGNA's 51st Annual Course for expert-led sessions, focused education, and product highlights. Immerse yourself in this unique experience to enrich your practice, cultivate collaborative relationships, and stay abreast of the latest advancements in gastroenterology nursing.

Register here

DDW (Digestive Disease Week) 

18-21 May

Washington D.C, USA

Virtual attendance: Yes

Join the Mindset Health Healthcare team at Digestive Disease Week (DDW) in Washington D.C. It’s an opportunity to network with over 10,000 physicians, researchers, and nutrition professionals to gain new insights and inspiration about managing and treating digestive diseases. If you can’t make it in person, online attendees can still watch over 60 live-streamed or on-demand sessions and access DDW’s ePoster website. This is where you’ll find full-text abstracts and posters and the chance to interact with the authors in virtual meeting rooms to get your questions answered in real-time. 

Register here

Dietitians Unite 

31 May

Sydney, Australia

Virtual attendance: No

Now in its 10th year, the team at Dietitian Connection are offering a one-day event to bring together dietitians and nutritionists from around Australia and the world to unite and showcase inspiring leadership and innovations. You can opt to participate in clinical, weight loss, or business streams to tailor the event to your interests. 

Register here


ICND (International Congress of Nutrition and Dietetics)

24 June

Toronto, Canada

Virtual attenance: No

The congress will bring together nutrition and dietetics experts, researchers, and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines for networking and collaboration, highlighting the latest research, scientific advancement, and innovative approaches. It’s an opportunity to enhance your professional development, hone your skills, and stay up to date on current guidelines and best practices.

Register here


AGW (Australian Gastroenterology Week)

15 – 17 September

Adelaide, Australia

Virtual attendance: TBC

The Nerva team will be there!

GESA’s (Gastroenterological Society of Australia) annual Australian Gastroenterology Week is Australia’s most comprehensive, all-inclusive GI conference and your opportunity to connect with other practitioners in the field. Throughout the week, GESA will be maximizing attendees’ educational opportunities with lectures, poster presentations, and collaborative sessions. 

Register here

Come say hi!

Our team will be at many of these conferences, and we’d love to connect and learn more about you and your clinic. Stop by our booths in person or book in for a chat with our Healthcare team at any time that works for you. 

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