If you’re considering introducing Nerva to your patients, one of their first questions is likely to be a somewhat skeptical, ‘So, what exactly does my mind have to do with my IBS?’ Nerva Co-Creator Dr. Simone Peters from Monash University was interviewed on Australia’s Radio National and shared how she too moved from hypnotherapy doubter to leading expert, with clinically validated research to back her claims.

“I was the biggest skeptic of them all to begin with...If you had asked me 10 years ago whether I spend my days doing hypnotherapy, I would have said, ‘Absolutely no way’. But here we find ourselves!” she said in her interview with radio host Danni Stewart.

Dr. Peters shares more about the gut-brain axis, why the hypnotherapy party trick trope needs to end, and the importance of being able to offer affordable, accessible gut-directed hypnotherapy to IBS patients due to the shortage of trained gastrointestinal psychologists who can have waiting lists that stretch into years.

Proving the doubters wrong is nothing new for Dr. Peters, and the podcast includes an interview with gastroenterologist Dr. Ilana Gory from Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia who recalls her own early cynicism with Nerva.

“[I thought] I’m probably never going to suggest that to patients. It sounds a little bit left of field, not very medical, not very scientific. Absolutely, I eat my words. Now I suggest it all the time,” Dr. Gory said.

You will also hear from Nerva patient Annie who successfully benefited from following the program with a little help from Dr Who

Listen to Radio National's podcast.

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