Leading expert Dr. Bill Chey shared his insights into integrated care, integrated medicine, precision medicine, and digital health at the IBS Frontiers Summit.

Dr. Chey discussed how IBS care models have evolved from delivering traditional care to patients via a gastroenterologist exclusively, to multidisciplinary care with a team of clinicians working individually, to the current integrated model that is team-based, collaborative, and multi-disciplinary.

In his presentation, he explains the barriers and solutions to scaling integrative care, shares the ‘dietitian dilemma’, and breaks down the current GI digital health landscape.

Watch his IBS Frontiers Summit presentation.

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Dr. Chey is a professor of gastroenterology and nutrition sciences at the University of Michigan. He is one of the world’s leading gastroenterologists and medical innovators. His special research interests focus on diagnosing and treating gut-brain interaction disorders.


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