When the annual toll of IBS is an eye-watering $21 billion, accessible digital health solutions are more critical than ever for effective DGBI management. Here's what you need to know to ensure you're helping your patients access the best clinically proven tools and resources.

Reducing costs and increasing access – What the research reveals

Nerva co-creator Dr. Simone Peters of Monash University shared an abstract at the DDW conference about her assessment of the economic outcomes of six weeks of digital gut-directed hypnotherapy for 4,200 patients. 

She was able to demonstrate how a digital therapeutic like Nerva not only has the potential to slash the long-term costs linked to IBS management by around 50%, but it’s a viable way to increase accessibility to an effective on-demand DGBI management tool beyond face-to-face therapy, leading to better symptom management and psychological outcomes. 

She found that money spent on managing IBS symptoms reduced from a baseline of $1,259 USD to $644 USD after six weeks of Nerva. This trend persisted, with IBS-related expenditures stabilizing at $502 USD.

Dr. Peters' breakthrough findings illuminated the transformative potential of digital therapeutics for IBS, not only in terms of cost reduction and accessibility but also in restoring patients' quality of life.

For healthcare professionals at the forefront of IBS care, adopting these insights signifies a pivotal move toward empowering your patients with an accessible, holistic approach to managing their condition — making controlling their IBS feel truly within reach. 

Read Dr. Peters’ abstract.

How you can pass along accessible, discounted digital care 

If you have patients who feel like effective IBS care is financially out of reach and access to face-to-face therapy isn’t an option, contact us for more information about our compassionate access licenses.

Plus, make sure you’ve registered with our Connect clinician portal, which offers all of your patients 25% off a yearly subscription to the Nerva program and free access for clinicians to all of Mindset Health’s apps.

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