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Nerva is a 6-week gut-directed hypnotherapy program for IBS. Add Nerva to your toolbox to help your patients learn to manage their symptoms.

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The Nerva Program

Nerva is a 6-week gut-directed hypnotherapy program for IBS. Accessible via an easy-to-use app, Nerva helps patients learn to manage their IBS with 15 to 20 minute daily hypnotherapy sessions, breathing exercises, and educational readings.

Created by:
Dr Simone Peters
Gut-Directed Hypnotherapist
& Psychophysiologist
Program aim

To teach patients behavioural coping skills that help them adress the miscommunication between their gut and brain.

Program candidates

• Patients with IBS
• Patients not suited to restrictive diets, including those who are underweight or have, or are at risk of developing, an eating disorder
• Patients with stress/anxiety induced IBS
• Patients who don’t want to undertake an elimination diet

Program cost

7 day free trial, then US$67 for a 3 month subscription

Nerva Data

Average self-reported symptom management of users who
compelted Nerva [1]

of Nerva users reported a clinical improvement in overall management of GI symptoms after finishing the program [1].

[1] Peters, S., Gibson, P., & Halmos, E. (2021). 654 MOBILE APP-DELIVERED GUT-DIRECTED HYPNOTHERAPY SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVES SYMPTOMS OF IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME. IS THIS THE WAY OF THE FUTURE?. Gastroenterology, 160(6), S-128. doi: 10.1016/s0016-5085(21)01058-1

Disclaimer: Nerva is a self-management tool and is intended to help users live well with IBS. Nerva is not intended as a treatment for IBS and does not replace care by a provider and treatments users may be using, Nerva is not a substitute for any medications. Users should continue to take their medications as directed by their healthcare provider.


Nerva patient journey

Your patient will complete an online assessment and begin a program start report.
Start program
They’ll download the Nerva app and start their 7-day free trial.
Link with provider
Next, they’ll enter their clinician’s details. You’ll be sent their start report to keep you informed.
6-week core program
Your patients will have daily tasks and exercises to complete throughout the programs.
Finish program
Your patient will receive their results. We’ll send you an end report detailing their symptom changes.
Patients can continue listening to Nerva sessions to reinforce results.
Daily tasks include:
• Audio hypnotherapy sessions
• Educational readings
• Deep breathing exercises
15-20 minutes per day for 6-weeks

How can Nerva work with my practice?

Nerva can help you to:
Provide a range of IBS management options
Nerva can be used as a stand-alone IBS management tool or recommended as an adjunct IBS management option.
Keep track of your patient’s IBS management progress
Nerva provides clinicians with patient progress data so you can monitor and review results and organize future check-ups.
Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

“I began sharing Nerva with my patients because it had a good evidence base, strong testimonials from users and low risks attached - in addition to being cheaper than the cost of a single in-person session.”

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Research & Outcomes

External Research: Hypnotherapy for IBS

Hypnotherapy for treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

Webb, A.N., et al. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2007(4).
Key finding
The therapeutic effect of hypnotherapy was found to be superior to that of a waiting list control or usual medical management, for abdominal pain and composite primary IBS symptoms, in the short term in patients who fail standard medical therapy. Harmful side-effects were not reported in any of the trials.

Hypnotherapy for irritable bowel syndrome: an audit of one thousand adult patients.

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Key finding
Significant reductions in IBS symptoms and anxiety were observed via hypnotherapy for IBS.

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Key finding
Gut-directed HT is highly effective in the treatment of children with longstanding Functional Abdominal Pain or IBS.

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Key finding
Significant reductions were achieved in abdominal pain and overall gastrointestinal symptoms. The study provides clearer evidence that hypnotherapy has beneficial short-term effects in improving gastrointestinal symptoms of patients with IBS.

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Key finding
Psychological intervention, particularly hypnotherapy, alongside standard medical therapy could contribute to improving quality of life, pain and fatigue, and psychological disorder in IBS patients resistant to treatment. Also, therapeutic costs, hospital stay and days lost from work could be decreased and patients’ efficiency could be increased.

Effects of gut-directed hypnotherapy on IBS in different clinical settings—results from two randomized, controlled trials.

Lindfors, P., et al., American Journal of Gastroenterology, 2012. 107(2): p. 276-285.
Key finding
Gut-directed hypnotherapy is an effective treatment alternative for patients with refractory IBS, but the effectiveness is lower when the therapy is given outside the highly specialized research centers.

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Flik, C.E., et al., The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology, 2019. (1): p. 20-31.
Key finding
Hypnotherapy should be considered as a possible treatment for patients with IBS in primary and secondary care. Furthermore, group therapy could allow many more patients to be treated for the same cost.

Research by Creator of Nerva: In-Person Gut-Directed Hypnotherapy 

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