Sonia Scharfbillig


Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

I am passionate about helping people with pelvic floor issues and many of my patients also report having IBS. I am a physiotherapist with extra training in pelvic floor disorders, bladder and bowel health, as well extra training in clinical hypnosis.

I find that hypnosis is a wonderful tool for my patients and use it often in conjunction with my pelvic health physiotherapy skills. Nerva can be extremely useful and I am happy to be a support to patients who are interested in using it.

Pelvic Floor Health
29 Warwick Street, Walkerville, SA, 5081, Australia
(08) 8344 9239
In-person available
Telehealth available

Address your gut-brain connection

Nerva uses gut-brain hypnotherapy to help you learn to  manage IBS symptoms in just 6-weeks.
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