Paulette McMillan

Dietitian, Nutritionist, and Acupuncturist

I am the co-owner of the Center for Health and Wellness. I believe in using an integrative approach to improving an individual's health. This may include diet, supplements, meditation, yoga, exercise, and medications as prescribed by your medical doctor.

Areas of specialty include: gut issues which encompasses reflux, IBS, IBD, SIBO, microscopic colitis & gastroparesis. Additionally, I see patients with diabetes, prediabetes, infertility, and cardiovascular issues.

Our clinic offers specialty testing such as food sensitivity, nutrient levels and metabolism, stool analysis, adrenal and hormonal testing. We help individuals through nutrition, diet, herbal medicine, meditation and acupuncture.

Center for Health and Wellness
8218 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 304 Bethesda, MD 21044, USA
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Address your gut-brain connection

Nerva uses gut-brain hypnotherapy to help you learn to  manage IBS symptoms in just 6-weeks.
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