Mel Grande



Mel is a dietitian at the award-winning Active Health Clinic (AHC), located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

As part of a growing multidisciplinary team of exercise physiologists and dietitians, AHC deliver a high quality, patient-driven and scientifically backed program to enable people to reclaim their lives. They deliver this care to people who live locally, nationally and internationally as their services are delivered both in person or via telehealth.

Active Health Clinic is known for its care and advocacy for people living with invisible illnesses such as ME/CFS, OI & POTS, EDS and HSD's and MCAS. “Making invisible illnesses visible” - Mel has developed a passion in assisting individuals with these conditions who have not responded to traditional dietetic management and/or not felt seen and heard regarding their invisible illness(es). She has combined her passion for food and nutrition knowledge to help individuals improve their symptoms and quality of life through a supportive diet and lifestyle.

Mel is a non-diet dietitian who practices in line with HAES principles and provides a non-judgemental, holistic and weight neutral space for all individuals to access the healthcare they need and deserve. Mel’s areas of interest are invisible illnesses (such as fatigue, pain, dysautonomia, connective tissue disorders, MCAS), gastrointestinal conditions (including co-morbid IBS, IBD, coeliac disease etc), eating disorders and disordered eating, relationships with food and body, and related anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions.

Active Health Clinic
Ground Floor, 20 Albert Street Blackburn 3130, Australia
(03) 9878 5394
In-person available
Telehealth available

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