Elyce Shapiro


Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist

Hi, I'm Elyce! I'm an Integrative Health-at-Every-Size (HAES) Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist who focuses on the gut-brain connection, specfically how our gut health can impact our mental health, and vice versa. I work with people who have gastrointestinal issues and have also experienced stress, anxiety, depression, and/or trauma/PTSD; I help people restore balance to their gut to help support mental health and overall health.

As a HAES practitioner, that means connecting your gut health and mental health (for overall health) will happen in a space that is safe and supportive for all humans without perpetuation of diet culture, restrictive diets, food moralization (there are no "good" or "bad" foods with me!), weight stigma, or anti-fat bias. I embrace a whole-person, root-cause approach to nutrition and health using intuitive eating principles to help you establish a healthy relationship with food and your body.

"Balance" rarely means "50/50" in my world, let's figure out what your balance looks like together, through assessing your gut-brain connection!

Balanced Gut Nutrition & Health
Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Address your gut-brain connection

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