Dr. Laurie Alpert ND MSCP

Naturopathic Doctor

As a menopause-certified practitioner, I help individuals navigate their midlife hormonal transition with confidence. This means I support all aspects of health impacted by midlife changes to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life today and for decades to come. Digestive concerns happen at any age and stage and menopause is no exception. Worsening insomnia and anxiety around menopause can negatively impact symptoms of IBS.

I help you go from uncomfortable and exhausted to having clarity and strength while you navigate this life stage with confidence from all angles.

Clarity Health Burlington
4380 S Service Rd #3, Burlington, ON L7L 5Y6 and 2461 Bloor St W #1, Toronto, ON M6S 1P7
(905) 631-5353
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Address your gut-brain connection

Nerva uses gut-brain hypnotherapy to help you learn to  manage IBS symptoms in just 6-weeks.
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