Carly Kolesnik

Certified Athletic Therapist & ISSA Nutritionist

Carly's dedication to supporting IBS patients is deeply rooted in her personal journey. Having navigated the challenging waters of digestive health issues herself, she brings a profound empathy and understanding to her work. Carly's own struggles with celiac disease and IBS have not only given her a wealth of firsthand experience but also a passion for helping others facing similar challenges.

Her professional history is marked by a commitment to advocacy and education, aiming to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to manage their conditions effectively. Carly is particularly passionate about the intersection of chronic pain and digestive health, recognizing the transformative power of personalized nutrition plans and working with the nervous system. Her work often focuses on developing strategies that alleviate the daily discomforts, advocating for patient-centred care, and fostering a supportive community for those affected by such conditions.

Carly's enthusiasm shines brightest when she's crafting educational materials, leading support groups, or collaborating with healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes. Her personal narrative is a testament to her dedication, making her a valuable resource in the digestive health community.

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