Bonnie Wisener


Registered Holistic Nutritionist

At Shift Nutrition and Wellness, I take a holistic approach to IBS that includes nutrition as well as other lifestyle interventions. This would fall more adequately into the category of ‘lifestyle’ medicine, and it is genuinely what is required to obtain results for patients with IBS.

I have worked with nearly 1,000 digestive health clients over the past eight years. It generally involves a three- to six-month process and results in nearly 80% resolution. Once completed, my clients generally come to understand the root cause of their issue, digestive function is restored, and they have acquired tools to help them self-manage in the future where necessary.

I have a personal history of Crohn’s disease and have been in remission for the past 27 years. I am passionate about empowering my clients with education to better understand their bodies and the tools they need to get control of symptoms, and take back their life!

Shift Nutrition and Wellness
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
Telehealth only

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Nerva uses gut-brain hypnotherapy to help you learn to  manage IBS symptoms in just 6-weeks.
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