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Mindset the Company

What is Mindset Health?

Mindset Health has one aim: to help millions of people improve their health with their mind. We create behavioural programs for specific health issues, like IBS, by working with world-leading experts.

Why are you doing this?

There are clinically validated therapies which help immensely with different issues but are often inaccessible due to high cost and a lack of available practitioners. We think everyone deserves access to these, and by creating a digital version we can help do that.

What issues can you help with?

Currently we're focused on Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Nerva, and Mental Health with Mindset. In the future, we aim to help people manage other health issues where hypnotherapy has been shown to be effective.

Mindset the App

What is Mindset?

A mobile app with 50+ hypnotherapy sessions provided by clinical psychologists and recognized coaches that can help you manage and improve your mental health from home.

How does Mindset work?

You select the areas you'd like to work on, and listen to different hypnotherapy sessions targeting your specific concerns. These sessions can teach you coping skills known to manage, and even prevent, mental health issues.

Are there any side effects with Mindset?

Hypnotherapy is generally relaxing and exceptionally safe. Adverse reactions are very uncommon and transient, but may include headache, drowsiness, dizziness, anxiety.

How much does Mindset cost?

Mindset costs US$69.95 per year for access to 50+ sessions. Less than the price of a single in-person session.

Nerva IBS

I have IBS, will Nerva work for me?

90% of Nerva users who have finished the program have seen an improvement in their symptoms. If you don't see a benefit after finishing 4 weeks within 60 days, we'll give you a full refund if you paid through the website - no questions asked"

What is Nerva?

An mobile app which delivers a 6-week gut-directed hypnotherapy program, helping you manage IBS symptoms from your home.

How much does Nerva cost?

Nerva costs US$97 for the 6-week program. Less than the price of a single in-person session.

How does Nerva work?

Nerva works by rewiring the gut-brain connection, calming down the mind and the gut. The exact mechanism isn't known, but is thought to be focused on visceral hypersensitivity and intestinal motility.

Are there any side effects with Nerva?

Hypnotherapy is generally exceptionally safe. Adverse reactions to hypnosis are very rare, but may include: headache, drowsiness, dizziness, anxiety.

Who created the program?

Dr. Simone Peters from Monash University created this program, and worked with Chris and Alex (our founders) to make it accessible through your phone. Our programs are created by doctors, not monks.


What does it feel like?

People typically describe it as a calm, physically and mentally relaxed state, in which they are able to focus deeply on what they are thinking about (similar to a meditation, but focused on a specific goal or stimuli). People in hypnosis are fully aware of themselves and their surroundings.

How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnosis is a means for connecting you to your own internal resources by providing a relaxed and focused experience. Ideas and perspectives provided in each session can lead to new thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

The great majority of people are able to experience hypnosis, however not everyone finds it as easy to relax and focus. It's important to have realistic expectations that it's not how "deep" you feel but how open you are to new ideas.

Is hypnotherapy safe?

Hypnotherapy is exceptionally safe, when performed by an appropriately qualified and experienced practitioner (though, it is important not to listen when driving or performing other tasks which require attention).

Mindset for Healthcare Professionals

How should I use the products with my clients?

Our products aren't a catch-all cure for any issues. We've created them to complement your services and other treatments, as a way for you to provide extra information and at-home management tools to help your client learn and gain control over their issues.

Does mobile-based therapy work?

Yes! Mobile therapy has been shown to be effective for a wide range of issues.

How much does it cost for clients?

Nerva costs US$97 for the 6 week program and Mindset costs US$69.95 per year; both cost less than a single in-person session, and are available 24/7.

When should I refer my clients to your hypnotherapy products?

For Nerva, most practitioners refer the program to help patients manage the anxiety and stress associated with IBS, to learn more about the psychological aspects of IBS and build coping skills to manage symptoms from the comfort of home.

For Mindset, most practitioners refer their clients who would benefit from at-home management for homework or for moments when the practitioner isn't able to be there - an example being trying to fall asleep.

Who creates your programs?

We pride ourselves on working with leading clinicians. Dr. Simone Peters from Monash University (which created the low-FODMAP diet) created the Nerva program. The Mindset app's content is created by Dr. Michael Yapko, clinical psychologist and researcher in the uses of hypnotherapy for mental health issues.

89% of Nerva users report improving their IBS symptoms after the program.

We think that's pretty remarkable.
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