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IBS Management

What it involves

•  Six-week app-based gut-directed hypnotherapy program
•  Developed with expert on gut-directed hypnotherapy, based on proven in-person program
•  Daily hypnotherapy recordings teaching visualizations and coping skills
•  Educational readings on the gut-brain connection
•  In-app chat with customer support
•  Low-touch symptom and outcome tracking
•  The maintenance plan offers continued access to app resources, a personalised maintenance schedule and help with flareups for users who complete the six-week program

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Research & Outcomes

External Research: Hypnotherapy for IBS

Hypnotherapy for treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

Webb, A.N., et al. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2007(4).
Key finding
The therapeutic effect of hypnotherapy was found to be superior to that of a waiting list control or usual medical management, for abdominal pain and composite primary IBS symptoms, in the short term in patients who fail standard medical therapy. Harmful side-effects were not reported in any of the trials.

Hypnotherapy for irritable bowel syndrome: an audit of one thousand adult patients.

Miller, V., et al., Alimentary pharmacology & therapeutics, 2015. 41(9): p. 844-855.
Key finding
Significant reductions in IBS symptoms and anxiety were observed via hypnotherapy for IBS.

Hypnotherapy for Children With Functional Abdominal Pain or Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Vlieger, A.M., et al., Gastroenterology, 2007. 133(5): p. 1430-1436.
Key finding
Gut-directed HT is highly effective in the treatment of children with longstanding Functional Abdominal Pain or IBS.

The Efficacy of Hypnotherapy in the Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.

Lee, H.H., Y.Y. Choi, and M.-G. Choi, Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility, 2014. 20(2): p. 152-162.
Key finding
Significant reductions were achieved in abdominal pain and overall gastrointestinal symptoms. The study provides clearer evidence that hypnotherapy has beneficial short-term effects in improving gastrointestinal symptoms of patients with IBS.

Comparison of Hypnotherapy and Standard Medical Treatment Alone on Quality of Life in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Randomized Control Trial.

Shahbazi, K., K. Solati, and A. Hasanpour-Dehkordi, Journal of clinical and diagnostic research : JCDR, 2016. 10(5): p. OC01-OC4.
Key finding
Psychological intervention, particularly hypnotherapy, alongside standard medical therapy could contribute to improving quality of life, pain and fatigue, and psychological disorder in IBS patients resistant to treatment. Also, therapeutic costs, hospital stay and days lost from work could be decreased and patients’ efficiency could be increased.

Effects of gut-directed hypnotherapy on IBS in different clinical settings—results from two randomized, controlled trials.

Lindfors, P., et al., American Journal of Gastroenterology, 2012. 107(2): p. 276-285.
Key finding
Gut-directed hypnotherapy is an effective treatment alternative for patients with refractory IBS, but the effectiveness is lower when the therapy is given outside the highly specialized research centers.

Efficacy of individual and group hypnotherapy in irritable bowel syndrome (IMAGINE): a multicentre randomised controlled trial.

Flik, C.E., et al., The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology, 2019. (1): p. 20-31.
Key finding
Hypnotherapy should be considered as a possible treatment for patients with IBS in primary and secondary care. Furthermore, group therapy could allow many more patients to be treated for the same cost.

Research by Creator of Nerva: In-Person Gut-Directed Hypnotherapy 

Independent Review of Nerva

Nerva is currently under review via a retrospective study into the patient reported symptom data.

Internal Data

Within the Nerva app, patients report their symptoms are...


of Nerva Users report a clinical improvement in their overall IBS symptoms after finishing the program.


of Nerva Users report a clinically significant improvement in abdominal pain after finishing the program.


of Nerva Users report a clinical improvement in stool consistency after finishing the program.

Medical Practitioner Testimonials

Pelvic Health Physioptherapist


“I see a large number of functional gut issues, and had heard about the strength of the work being done at Monash University around IBS. I began sharing Nerva with my patients because it had a good evidence base, strong testimonials from users and low risks attached - in addition to being cheaper than the cost of a single in-person session. I will walk patients through the website and the app in an appointment, email them a link and then organise review appointments to check in on their progress through the program.”



"I recommend Nerva to my patients as an adjunct to the treatment I provide - it helps with the mental side of IBS. I find if a patient addresses the mental side as well as diet and nutrition, their results are usually quicker and more sustainable. I was aware of the value of hypnotherapy for IBS, but trained hypnotherapists with a focus on gut issues are hard to find and expensive to access. Nerva is a convenient and cost-effective solution. There's an increasing awareness of Nerva among my patient base already. Usually, I'll discuss it with patients in a session, then ask them to access it via their app store. Patients find the Nerva app easy to use and the feedback is positive."

Our Practitioner Partner

Dr. Simone Peters

Expert in Gut-Directed Hypnotherapy
  • Creator of the Nerva program for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - delivered in-person hundreds of times and clinically validated via RCT
  • Director of the Mind-Gut Clinic
  • PhD in Gut-directed Hypnotherapy from Monash University, working with team behind low-FODMAP diet
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