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Mindset for Healthcare Practitioners

We believe that in health, mindset matters. Whether that's through education around the issue itself or learning about the mind's ability to manage symptoms, the mind is a powerful tool to include in any integrative approach to treatment.

We create evidence-based, hypnotherapy programs as a complement to treatments and in-person sessions, providing an accessible and easy-to-use way for you to include at-home learning and symptom management support for your clients.

Currently, we have two apps: Nerva for managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Mindset for Mental Health.

How can your Clients use Mindset's programs?

There are many different ways of using our programs - your clients can use them as:
- self help tools that helps them better manage their symptoms and behavior.
- complements to your practice and treatments, adding value to the help you provide them.
- at-home education created by doctors and clinical psychologists for them to learn about their mind and conditions.

We provide them with information on their condition and give them a step-by-step guide on how to use use our programs. With a smartphone and just a couple of minutes a day they can access evidence-based hypnotherapy programs that can complement your care and provide at-home management support 24/7.


We partner with world leading clinical psychologists, doctors and recognized coaches.


Non-invasive self-help psychology programs. No restrictive diets or drug side effects.

At-home management

All sessions are available 24/7, from the comfort of your own home.

Review the evidence

Mindset Health is built on an existing condition-specific evidence base around the use of hypnotherapy as a complement to existing treatments, and we are working with independent researchers to precisely measure the therapeutic benefits of our programs. We are still early in a lot of those studies, but we are focussed on rigorously building our evidence base while working with world-leading clinicians to expand our product offering.


Of people who have finished our Nerva program for IBS report having been able to clinically improve their symptoms (20mm reduction).


Of people showed a clinical improvement in an in-person gut-directed hypnotherapy study, showing our approach to be as effective as the low-FODMAP diet for managing symptoms (Monash University study).
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When combined with hypnosis, was shown to substantially enhance treatment outcomes, when compared to CBT alone.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I use the products with my clients?

Our products aren't a catch-all cure for any issues. We've created them to complement your services and other treatments, as a way for you to provide extra information and at-home management tools to help your client learn and gain control over their issues.

Does mobile-based therapy work?

Yes! Mobile therapy has been shown to be effective for a wide range of issues.

How much does it cost for clients?

Nerva costs US$97 for the 6 week program and Mindset costs US$69.95 per year; both cost less than a single in-person session, and are available 24/7.

When should I refer my clients to your hypnotherapy products?

For Nerva, most practitioners refer the program to help patients manage the anxiety and stress associated with IBS, to learn more about the psychological aspects of IBS and build coping skills to manage symptoms from the comfort of home.

For Mindset, most practitioners refer their clients who would benefit from at-home management for homework or for moments when the practitioner isn't able to be there - an example being trying to fall asleep.

Who creates your programs?

We pride ourselves on working with leading clinicians. Dr. Simone Peters from Monash University (which created the low-FODMAP diet) created the Nerva program. The Mindset app's content is created by Dr. Michael Yapko, clinical psychologist and researcher in the uses of hypnotherapy for mental health issues.

Get Started

We want to make it simple for you as a healthcare practitioner to access the hypnotherapy programs before you share with your clients. We can provide you with:
- free access to Nerva and Mindset
- a shareable overview of the benefits of hypnotherapy for health conditions
- a link to Nerva and Mindset for all of your clients

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